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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  July 12, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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all and lawrence is off in hawaii probably enjoying some great sunshine right now. but here in the bay area, a different story. cool temperatures again today. there is hope in sight. we'll look at that extended forecast later but right now temperatures only to the low 70s inland. we'll look at the extended forecast in a bit. over to gianna now, though, with a look at traffic. >> thank you, kristy. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are off but we are dealing with a high wind advisory especially if you cross the span so use caution this morning. not too bad approaching the toll plaza. early-morning problems on 280. i'll have details on that coming right up. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, an suv plows into a fire station in san mateo. it caused extensive damage. the question now, what happened behind the wheel in those moments leading up to the crash? elizabeth wenger is in san mateo with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a pretty scary wake-up call for these firefighters here in san
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mateo. this is a fire station behind me and you can see where they have boarded up the door. they got a pile of plywood out there as well so that's the scene of where this crash happened. we had some video that was taken last night. this happened around 10457. this is fire station 27 here on de anza boulevard. we understand firefighters were inside the fire station when this suv a gmc yukon ran right into the building. it caused extensive damage to the front of the firehouse. as you saw, they have it boarded up now but a reserve fire truck was also damaged in the crash. officials say there were two people inside the suv when it did crash into the firehouse. they were transferred to stanford medical center. we're not sure still how badly hurt they were but we understand that none of the firefighters inside the firehouse was hurt. as you mentioned, it is still not clear why the driver ran into the building in the first place. fire service shouldn't be impacted by this, though, if you are wondering because again
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theft main door boarded up and this was a backup fire truck in this case that was damaged. grace, back to you. >> elizabeth, weren't there unconfirmed reports about the mom who may have passed out at the wheel? >> reporter: yeah. these are unconfirmed reports that a mother and 17-year-old daughter were inside the car at the time of the crash. again, it's not clear what caused her to go here into a fire station, number 27, late last night. >> thank you, elizabeth wenger in san mateo. a citizen committee formed to examine bart police issues is holding its first meeting to discuss last week's shooting in which bart officers shot and killed a man at the civic center station in san francisco. that shooting sparked protests at three san francisco bart stations yesterday afternoon. >> no justice, no peace! >> bart's service is back to
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normal this morning. bart says officers opened fire last week after the man lunged at them with a knife. michelle le's family is adding more money to the reward for helping find the missing nursing student. the reward is now up to $100,000. that's thanks to money from a fundraiser last friday. the family plans to distribute flyers in hayward tomorrow and it's organizing search parties for friday and saturday. le disappeared may 27 from the kaiser medical center in hayward. well, a whole lot of california college students are bracing themselves because they are going to find out today if they will have to come up with even more money for the fall term. anser hassan is in hayward to explain the plan for more tuition hikes. students are upset. >> - >> reporter: that's right. think of it this way. for the first time, cal state and uc systems will take in more from student tuition and fees than from state funding. later trustees will meet in long beach to vote on a tuition hike.
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they have to cover $650 million in budget cuts from the state. but here's what it means for students. cal state university tuition schools like this one, cal state east bay, where we're live this morning also see a 12% increase. that on top of a 10% increase from earlier this year. and that increase will be immediate. beginning this fall, it will cost over $5,000 for the fall semester. and it's not just the cal state system. uc schools like berkeley are facing increases, as well. it will be the ninth increase in eight years. tuition and fees will be up 9.6%. that means it will cost over $12,000 for the fall term. the state is limited constitutionally as to where they can make budget cuts. using tuition fees as the go-to alternative is one way that they are hoping to make ends meet. this is all happening when cal state trustees will look to vote on a new proposal for the
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incoming uc chancellor. elliott hirshman will be paid over $400,000 not including a car allowance and housing allowance. two hot button issues that the trustees will have to vote on later today in long beach. grace? >> all right. anser hassan in hayward, thank you. 6:05 now. let's check traffic and weather. >> definitely seeing drizzle out there especially driving anywhere near to the coastline and cool conditions throughout the bay area. cloud cover as well as that marine layer deepening all of the bay area seeing clouds and you can see that here on our satellite along the coastline the bay and in those inland spots, as well. partial clearing inland later on. temperatures outside right now
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cooler. 55 vallejo and concord, 56 livermore and redwood city. we'll warm up by this afternoon but not by a lot. only hitting the low to mid-70s in our warmest locations today. going to be highs of 69 in vallejo, 64 in the city. we'll have your extended forecast coming up. gianna has a check on traffic. >> we shot video this morning of this fatal accident along 280 in daly city. again, this happened early this morning right around 3:00. chp had completely shut down northbound 280 connector to 19th avenue. vehicle hit a pedestrian. chp says that pedestrian may have been trying to either cross the off-ramp there or the freeway itself. again, the freeway connector there which is a major thoroughfare into san francisco was completely shut down for two hours. they wrapped things up just after 5:00 this morning. the conditions along 280 are much better. all lanes are now open north
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280 connecting to 19th avenue. slight delays just a little yellow and red there as you work your way south 280 through daly city into colma but that's typical usually due to fog and drizzle. that's a look at traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 6:07. and from an old naval shipyard to a massive housing project. why a controversial makeover is getting the okay despite toxic concerns. plus, new fallout over the tabloid hacking scandal in britain. why police are now being investigated. and remembering betty ford. the high-profile tribute today for the former first lady. ,, ,,
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i use the power of nature. [ male announcer ] introducing icy hot naturals with natural menthol. that gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away fast. new icy hot naturals. today... at his home in the southern high wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge, metering lights are off. we are seeing extra volume approaching the toll gates. we'll have bay area traffic coming up but right now back to you. in international news, a half-brother of the president of afghanistan was shot and killed today in kandahar. ahmed karzai was head of the
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kandahar provincial council. he had been accused of various criminal activities and had become a political liability for hamid karzai's karzai. ahmed karzai had been the target of previous assassination attempts. investigators said he was killed by a bodyguard who was killed by other bodyguards. a government hearing is growing if london over the phone hacking scandal in london. at issue is why london police didn't pursue an investigation two years ago on the rupert murdoch tabloid "news of the world." the controversy forced the paper to cease production. today former british prime minister gordon brown huh accused murdoch's newspapers of employing criminals in order to obtain confidential information about his own family. president obama and congressional leaders will meet once again today. they are trying to break a partisan deadlock on reducing the nation's deficit as well as
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raising the debt ceiling. the progress though if any has been slow. the president says spending cuts and new revenue are both necessary while republicans oppose anything resembling a tax increase. yesterday the president rejected a gop proposal for a short-term extension. >> we don't manage other affairs in three-month increments. >> the american people will not accept and the house cannot pass a bill that raises taxes on job creators. >> this will be the third straight day of these meetings. 6:12 now. the slow lane may be even slower than usual. how gas prices are forcing truckers to change their driving habits. >> plus new support for the passenger who was arrested at sfo for his baggy pants. the city official who is now stepping into this debate. and if you are heading out of sfo this morning, probably going to see some low clouds
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and it's going to be cool out there today only making it to a high of 63 in the city today but as we make our way farther east warmer temperatures in chicago, high of 81 partly sunny skies. warmer in new york, mostly sunny conditions there, temperatures in the lower 90s hitting a high of 94. we'll have a full look at our extended forecast here in the bay area coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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stories: a mother and daughter are in the hospital after their s-u-v slammed into a fire station last night in san in the headlines, a mother and daughter are in the hospital after their suv slammed into a fire station last night in san mateo. that crash caused damage to the building as well as to a reserve fire truck. jaycee dugard's book "a stolen life" comes out today. it is her memoir about 18 years of captivity in an antioch yard after she was kidnapped at the age of 11. and a private funeral service will be held in palm desert, california, today for former first lady betty ford. current first lady michelle obama is expected to attend along with other former first ladies and former president bill clinton. your weather today gloomy out the door today.
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going to see plenty of cloud cover and you may see some drizzle along the coast. as we take a live look outside off our roof cam, you can see no sunshine even though the sun is up and we'll continue to see more of that into the afternoon. but for this morning, temperatures pretty mild sitting in the 50s as i mentioned before. might need to turn on those windshield wipers at the coast, seeing some drizzle there. we will see some sunshine inland. breezy along the bay shores and at the coast today. and continuing to see some of that drizzle into the afternoon if you're at the coast and all of the bay area seeing some cloud cover this morning as you can see on radar. we will get a little sunshine inland but that area of low pressure that's holding strong keeping temperatures cool in the bay area and that's not going to change up much for the next several days. struggling to get close to those seasonal temperatures today only making it to 71 in milpitas, same story for santa clara. high of 75 for morgan hill and 70 in los altos. east bay temperatures look like
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this. 63 for oakland, 75 brentwood. 72 sonoma. 66 san rafael. 60 sausalito. so forecast looking similar over the next several days, not warming up a lot. there is hope in sight though as we make our way to the end. weekend and the beginning of the next workweek. we are going to make it to the low to mid-80s in the warmest locations closer to where we should be fo july. gianna has traffic. >> they turned the metering lights on at the bay bridge toll plaza and we are seeing extra volume. traffic stacking up a bit, just past the pay gates there not quite to the first overpass. maybe just beyond that at this point. still looking good off the eastshore freeway. that high wind advisory still in effect for the bay bridge so use caution working your way across the span. bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain all on time. san mateo bridge not too bad.
6:19 am
13 minutes between 880 and 101. things still looking good along 880 heading into hayward on the southbound side. northbound clear into oakland. golden gate bridge problem- free. but as kristy said, some drizzle this morning so slick surfaces, might need some extra time on the roads this morning as southbound 101, 37 to 580 an eight-minute drive. through san francisco here's a live look at the central freeway. conditions nice no major snags to report through here. 101, 280 extension all problem- free. slight delays along 280 in san bruno. just 45 miles per hour through there in both directions. 101 south to sfo no problems -- 101 clear into the south bay. san jose traffic looking good. 580 heading towards 680. extra volume slow and go at the altamont pass. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm.
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back to you. >> thank you. pg&e says that it should not be forced to pay settlements to victims of the san bruno pipeline disaster who have sued. the "chronicle" reports that in a court filing the utility says damage to the pipeline was caused by others. the filing is not specific. the only known activity around the pipeline was a sewer replacement project in 2008. pg&e also says that the blast victims themselves may have been negligent but it doesn't say how. the utility is facing more than 100 lawsuits. a judge has rejected most of the legal challenge against a plan to build more than 10,000 homes in san francisco. the project is in the hunters point area, a former naval shipyard and superfund site. opponents are concerned about asbestos and other toxic substances at the site. the space station crew
6:21 am
steps out. today's spacewalk and why the atlantis mission is being extended. plus, he's back! at least on the big screen. why arnold's next acting gig may have him throwing on a cowboy hat. ,,
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welcome back. it is 6:23. and while the bay area's dealing with very cool temperatures this week, much of
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the nation is dealing with excessive heat. 23 states are under heat warnings from oklahoma to connecticut and from the deep south all the way to the ohio valley. some areas have already seen temperatures soaring above 100 degrees. in oklahoma, that weather has caused a road to buckle. all right. a spacewalk is going on right now outside the international space station. here's a live look. there are two astronauts who are working. this is why the space shuttle atlantis is docked there. the two space shuttle residents are working on a 6 1/2-hour project to repair a failed ammonia coolant pump. nasa has decided to extend the shuttle by one day to allow the crew to unpack more items for the space station that they carried up into orbit. a rally is planned at san francisco city hall today. this is to support the man
6:25 am
whose baggy pants caused so much controversy at sfo. the noontime rally is to support a resolution from supervisor malia cohn. 20-year-old deshon marmon was removed from a u.s. airways flight at sfo last month and then arrested for refusing to pull up his baggy pants. the president of the naacp said marmon was profiled and was a victim of racial injustice. as the cost of diesel goes up truck drivers in california are being told to slow down. truck companies say on a good day, drivers following the speed limit of 55 would get 5.5 miles per gallon. but if they speed up to 65 miles an hour, that per-gallon drops to just 5. drivers say even though 55 is cheaper and safer but it's still too slow for some cars. >> people are flipping you off? >> you know what? it's a whole lot of -- but i
6:26 am
mean, it's -- what can you do? >> with diesel at $4.30 a gallon, driving the speed limit will save them $12,000 a year. 6:26. arnold schwarzenegger will soon find out if he can still draw big crowds to the theaters. lion escape studios has signed the former governor to star in a western called the last stand. it begins shooting in september. his paycheck though is expected to be much smaller than it will be from another movie he signed to shoot next year. that movie was delayed because of the scandal involving schwarzenegger's former housekeeper. 6:26. coming up, they are supposed it make your life easier. but do they make life tougher at work? the trouble smart phones are causing in the office. plus, new details about a slumber party tragedy. how a 14-year-old girl died while her parents were just in
6:27 am
the next room. before you pick your class for next semester, you may want to check your checkbook. we have all the details on a vote that may decide what students go to class and who stays home. and a driver loses control, slams into a firehouse in san mateo. we'll show you the damage coming right up. closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ opening bell ] >> here's a live look at the new york stock exchange as morning bell goes off. now, it's a new day and possibly new hope as investors looking for a turnaround after yesterday's losses as the new trading day starts. future markets are down for the fourth day in a row. investors are worried that debt problems in greece, portugal and ireland will spread to larger european economies. that includes italy and spain. good morning, it's tuesday, july 12. i'm grace lee. frank is off this morning. hopefully enjoying some warmer temperatures than we are here in the bay area. let's get a check of traffic and weather starting with kristy. >> it's not hard to beat the temperatures we have here in terms of warmth. cool in the bay area only 60 today in san francisco, a few degrees warmer in oakland and san jose topping out at 72. 73 the high in concord. we'll have the extended forecast coming up. but first let's go to gianna with a check on traffic.
6:31 am
>> thank you, kristy. our morning commute is in full swing. we are seeing delays at our typical hot spots especially along antioch highways. westbound 4 sluggish off the bridge and again stays slow working your way westbound through antioch. back to you. new this morning, an suv smashes into a fire station in san mateo causing a lot of damage to the building because it smacked into it so hard. a mother and daughter who were inside the car are hurt. the question is what happened behind the wheel just before that crash? elizabeth wenger is in san mateo with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. that is still the big question as to why this crash happened in the first place. but these firefighters here in san mateo got a big jolt last night. we are here actually in front of the firehouse now. the scene has been completely cleared up but you can see what's left of the damage. right there to that main rollup door to fire station 27. you can see where it is all
6:32 am
boarded up. they have the plywood pile, as well. let's take you to the scene last night around 10:45. san mateo fire station 27 right here on de anza boulevard. we understand that firefighters were inside the fire station when that suv a gmc yukon ran into the building causing extensive damage to the front of the firehouse and also a reserve fire truck also damaged in the crash. now, officials say there were two people inside the suv when it crashed, a mom and her teenaged daughter. we understand they were transferred to stanford medical center. we are not sure how badly hurt they were. but we understand that none of the firefighters inside the firehouse were hurt. now, the big question this morning, it's still not clear why the driver lost control in the first place and slammed right into this building last night. now, fire service shouldn't be impacted. again, that was a backup fire truck that was damaged and as you can see behind me they have the door boarded up this morning so they have a temporary fix at least in
6:33 am
place. but again, we don't know how badly the driver and her passenger were hurt. but at least the firefighters inside were fortunate that no one inside was hurt again. this happened 10:45 last night slammed right into the front rollup door where there are three fire trucks in there inside right now. grace, back to you. >> elizabeth wenger in san mateo, thank you. 6:33 now. and a preliminary investigation indicates that the deaths of a 14-year-old girl following a sleepover party in santa rosa was due to alcohol ingestion. takeimi rao was found dead at her home on sunday morning. the sonoma county sheriff is still awaiting the results of toxicology tests to determine the cause. they believe that the girls took vodka from a kitchen cabinet and poured it into a water bottle possibly mixing it with soda. >> once we find out what's inside the bottle, we can do further investigation. >> three other girls at the party on saturday night became
6:34 am
ill. they were taken to a hospital by their parents but were not admitted. the u.s. coast guard is expected to be out once again today. they are trying to find those seven fishermen who are still missing in the gulf of california. crews covered more of the area where the erik went down in a storm more than a week ago. the "contra costa times" reports that some family members were told on sunday that navy divers would get involved in this search. but a navy spokesman says they have not been called in. a double whammy for college students. today, cal state officials are expected to vote to hike this fall's tuition. this is the second time anser hassan is to explain that this is coming as a school president is in line for a very hefty raise. not a lot of people happy about this. >> reporter: no. college students work hard to make ends meet. today the cal state board of trustees will vote on another
6:35 am
rate hike and they have to do so because they have to cover a $650 million budget cut from the state. and they are looking to students to fill the gap. so schools like this one, cal state east bay, where we're live this morning, students here will look to a 12% increase in tuition costs. and that's on top of another increase that was approved earlier this year for 10%. and these increases are immediate. so this fall semester it will cost almost $5,500 per semester and it's not just the cal state system. uc schools are also looking at rate hikes, students at schools like berkeley looking at a 9.6% increase meaning they will pay over $12,000 for the fall term. now, students are upset for having to pay more but there's also concerns about what it means for hire education. increased tuition costs means less time for students' activities, internships which are often very valuable but unpaid, and less time for studying if students are
6:36 am
spending more time working. now, as students brace for the rate increases, cal state trustees will vote on $100,000 pay increase for this man, elliott hirshman, the incoming cal state chancellor. now, his package will be $400,000. that's $100,000 more than his predecessor and it does not include an allowance for car and housing. so two very big issues to be voted on. students will protest. back to you. >> thank you. 6:36. let's get a check of traffic and weather if you're just waking up. it's a little chilly, it's a little bill drizzly out there. and kristy, we're blaming you! [ laughter ] >> thanks. thanks, grace. [ laughter ] >> i know it sounds like you're giving a midwinter report right now. outside it doesn't look like july at all. overcast outside, drizzle at the coastline, but there is
6:37 am
hope in sight for later this afternoon at least if you are in those inland locations. and if you take a look at satellite, you can see most of the bay area covered in clouds right now. not just the coast and the bay but also seeing it inland. it will start to pull back for partial clearing a little later on today. temperatures that we're seeing today well below average for this time year. you can see the range in temperatures from where we should be to where we are now ranging from minus 8 to minus 15. so should be a whole lot warmer and there is hope in sight in a few days. i'll give you a look at that extended forecast in a little bit. let's go to gianna with a look at traffic. >> thank you. it's getting a bit bumper to bumper out there especially at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is starting to stack up. looks like you see on the first overpass there, metering lights turned on about 10 minutes ago and you can see traffic really slow and go. stays slow up the incline and again extra volume across the upper deck. we are dealing with the high wind advisory in effect this morning. same stories for antioch, westbound 4 seeing delays. not too bad off the bridge but westbound brake lights around
6:38 am
hillcrest towards loveridge. same goes for the altamont pass. so stop and go westbound 25 minutes altamont pass to 680 taking 580. back to you. >> thank you. jaycee dugard's book comes out today. the memoir about her 18 years in captivity is called "a stolen life." dugard was only 11 when she was grabbed off the street near her home in south lake tahoe. she then spent the next 18 years held cab -- held captive in a backyard near antioch. phillip and nancy garrido pled guilty and will spend the rest of their lives in prison. this is no real big surprise. there's plenty of evidence that yapping on cell phones can distract drivers but not only that, it also annoys bystanders in public places. well, now people's misuse of smart phones appears to be causing problems in the workplace. kcbs radio's matt bigler joins us from san jose and what's going on with this, matt? >> reporter: you have heard
6:39 am
about how more and more people are taking their work home with them using their smart phones to check email and documents, that kind of thing. well, looks like just opposite is happening. more and more people are using their smart phones at work to get in me time. this means they are watching videos. according to this new survey by harris interactive, more and more people are using smart phones to watch news clips. 25% are watching news clips, 11% of americans watching sports clips at work on their smart phones, 9% checking out tv shows, 4% think they're at the movies watching full length feature films. i talked to high-tech worker brooks masterson who admitted to being distracted by his phone but not by videos. >> i had to delete a words with friends game because it was taking too much time. it's a popular scrabble game that you can play remotely with friends and you can have seven
6:40 am
or eight games going at once. >> reporter: you self-censored? >> yes. i was too distracted. >> reporter: according to the "chronicle," there are a couple of obvious down sides to this. first of all, lost productivity at work. but also, a lot of workers are tapping into their company's wi- fi network and as that happens, there is a risk of slowing down the system. and they could even be downloading viruses while they are watching those viral videos. i'm matt bigler live in san jose for cbs 5. be careful when you download that season of csi, right, matt? >> right. 6:40. speaking of online, online purchases could soon be taxed. why the power to change that may be in your hands. plus, they are a great way to save big but what's the catch? how groupons could soon be tracking everything you do. the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. we heard the opening bell. let's get a quick check of the early numbers and you can see, red across the board, down.
6:41 am
we are going to check with kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks coming up. ,,,, and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path.
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i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today. out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch.
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before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer. a whole lot of gray out there outside this morning. don't need an umbrella but we are seeing drizzle at the coast and the rest of the bay area seeing plenty of cloud cover as you can see in this life shot outside. sun not quite peeking out yet but there is hope in sight for
6:44 am
later on today. this morning, temperatures in the 50s. low clouds throughout the bay as along the coastline some drizzle. need to turn the windshield wipers on. we have sunshine in store inland a little later this afternoon and around the bay, we should see some sunshine, breezy, cool around the bay area. drizzle at the coast for the afternoon. cloud cover, that's in place right now. you can see here on satellite not just along the coast and the bay as we often see in the morning but also seeing it in those inland spots. but sunshine on its way. put we are definitely going to see cool weather. this low holding strong and that's bringing us breezy conditions, those moist conditions and well below average temperatures for this time of the year. those temperatures look like this. 71 for milpitas and santa clara. 71 in cupertino. 69 in redwood city and palo alto. over in the east bay, mid-70s and cooler at the shores and 63 for san leandro. up into the north bay,
6:45 am
squeezing out 75 in fairfield. 67 san anselmo. 68 kentfield. 60 sausalito and san francisco. extended forecast shows cooling for the week. things aren't changing much as we make our way into the next several workdays. but there is hope in sight by the time we hit the end of the weekend. sunday and monday, starting next workweek, bumping those temperatures up to the low to mid-80s so getting much closer to where we should be for this time year than certainly we are right now. that's a look at your forecast. over to gianna now with a look at traffic. >> thank you, kristy. traveling along 580 busy westbound, life look approaching 680 through pleasanton. stacking up through there, we are seeing slightly slower speeds so give yourself some extra time. especially through the altamont pass, let's jump to the maps right now. no accidents to report but slow and go. we are seeing delays westbound 580 about 25 minutes from the altamont pass to 680.
6:46 am
most of those delays are between 205 over towards air way. through the south bay one of our bright spots this morning. we are accident-free through san jose. northbound 280 through downtown san jose, not too bad. seeing a few extra cars working your way through there but overall light. north 101 also problem free. here's live look at 880/237 through milpitas. still a nice ride working your way through there. if you are heading towards the bay bridge, of course business as usual. we are starting to see some extra volume as well as work your way westbound eastshore freeway. 23 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. backed up beyond the first overpass possibly to 880. metering lights are on. high wind advisory in effect. 880 not too bad northbound clear all the way into oakland towards the maze. southbound looking good towards hayward. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's a look at your morning drive. grace, back to you. >> thank you. a silicon valley giant is
6:47 am
expected to cut a whole lot of jobs soon. here now is jason brooks with kcbs and not such good news, jason. >> reporter: no, grace. the rumors are really churning when it comes to cisco. bloomberg reports that cisco will cut up to 10,000 jobs next month topping a claim by an analyst who says cisco is poised to cut about 5,000 jobs which would be about 7% of the workforce and save the company about $1 billion a year. cisco has been under a lot of pressure to cut back on a number of lines, consumer products, killed the flip video camera line earlier in the spring. and it's also reorganizing a number of its divisions. new layoffs will be coming, don't know the number. the company probably won't say anything until its earnings come out in august. the company is holding an event in las vegas to show off the latest upgraded switcher, its main core technologies being switchers and routers. it has about 70% of the market but it's feeling the pressure
6:48 am
from other companies including hewlett-packard. stock market fell quite a bit yesterday mainly on debt worries. both the debt ceiling here in the u.s. as well as increasing worries that countries like spain and italy may also need bailouts such as greece and portugal and ireland. that's got the euro falling against the dollar. when the dollar rises that pressures stocks. corporations have seen their profits jump over the past couple of years because of strong overseas selling mainly due to a weaker dollar. also have the trade deficit out this morning and it increased quite a bit in may. up 15.1% in april the biggest spread since october of 2008 at more than $50 billion. chalk that up to a rise in oil prices. that bumped up imports. should fall back though in june when oil prices retreated quite a bit. let's see how the stock market is doing. the dow is lower by four
6:49 am
points. nasdaq is off by 15. s&p is down by 2 points. oil price also pulling back. they fell about a dollar yesterday. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and an online retailer, amazon, wants california voters to oppose a new state tax law. the new state budget calls for online retailers to collect sales tax on items purchased by californians. that's even if the company has no physical presence inside the state. so far, though, amazon has not been collecting the tax it opposes. instead, the company is pushing for a ballot referendum to overturn it. if 505,000 valid signatures are gathered, that new sales tax law could be suspended until the election. that's likely in february or june of next year. groupon is alerting 83 million subscribers of changes to its privacy policy. the daily deal site will now collect more personal information along with location
6:50 am
data from those using a mobile device. it plans to share that information with partner sites including expedia. groupon says this will allow for more targeted deals. customers will be able to control just how much data is collected. and it's a plan to crack down on kids who skip school. it's going to a vote with the concord city council today. under the daytime curfew, anyone under 18 caught cutting school will be fined $100 for the first offense. fines go up significantly to $200 and $500 for the second and third offense within 30 days. >> currently we didn't have an ability to cite or fine anybody for violating that. all we can do is return them back to school and they often leave later in the afternoon or earlier in the day when they are still supposed to be in school. >> concord police recently swept 400 truants off the streets in just one week. a report found that the leap
6:51 am
from cutting class to committing crimes is a very small one. 6:50. just a few minutes, "the early show" is coming up. what's going on today? let's check in with chris wragge who is in new york city. good morning to you, chris. >> good morning, grace. one of the things we'll talk about is this heat wave sweeping the nation the last couple of days including today. look at that. temperatures of 106 in some spots. all outdoor activity frowned upon unless of course you have a diving board and a pool with some nice cool water. get outside and enjoy if you can. but boy, be careful out there. it is hot. we are going to talk about that coming up on "the early show." also, the budget debate hits home this morning. we'll talk with a member of congress who will tell us how cuts could affect your medicare and healthcare plans for the future. and your child receives a special invitation to go abroad. it's an invitation that's worth questioning. this morning an early show investigation into a famous program touching tens of thousands of teenagers and that's all coming up right here on "the early show." grace, back to you. >> chris, thanks a lot. "the early show" starts at 7:00 this morning.
6:52 am
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6:55 am
investigators are trying to figure out what happened to a driver just moments before she crashed her suv into a fire station. elizabeth wenger is in san mateo and elizabeth, you have new pictures of the damage? >> we do. information a scary wake-up call for these firefighters here in san mateo. we have some video. we just took it a little while ago. this is the damage left behind. you can see the boarded-up rollup door to the firehouse. they repaired it temporarily quickly. but let's go to some video from last night. aroun 10:45, san mateo fire station 27 on de anza boulevard, the suv ran right into the building causing extensive damage not front of the firehouse. also a reserve fire truck was also damaged. now, officials say there were two people inside the suv when it crashed. they were transferred to stanford medical center. we are not sure how badly they were hurt. now, we understand that none of
6:56 am
the fires inside the fire was injured. so right now the big question is, it's still not clear why the driver lost control in the first place and rammed right into the building right here at the firehouse. fire service shouldn't be -- this is a backup fire truck that was damaged and the firehouse was damaged, it was boarded up. fire service shouldn't be affected. back to you. >> thank you. today california state university students will find out whether they will have to pay more for classes this fall. the board of trustees is expected to vote on a 12% tuition hike. that would take effect for the upcoming fall semester. and it would be on top of a 10% increase approved earlier this year. on thursday, uc regents are also voting on a nearly 10% fee hike. a private funeral is going to be held today in palm desert for former first lady betty ford. among those scheduled to
6:57 am
attend, george herbert walker bush, nancy reagan, michelle obama and hillary and bill clinton. ford, the wife of late president gerald ford, died on friday at the age of 93. back here in the bay area, it's been busy in traffic this morning. it's also busy in weather. looks like it's not going to get warmer anytime soon. >> i wish i could tell you differently but it's not. we are going to see cloud cover for the rest of the morning, a little bit of sunshine inland but certainly the cooling trend continuing for the next several days and here we are seeing some blue. that's good news. this shot from mount vaca looks different than it does outside our window here in san francisco. over the next several days we are going to continue to see similar conditions keeping it very cool inland only making it to the mid-70s. and we are going to continue to see some drizzle along the coast. thissunday clears up as well as monday. so bumping up into temperatures
6:58 am
to the 80s. since it's all ladies here i had to grab the photo that lawrence wouldn't show. this is a note at the sent by a viewer. hang tight, there is sunshine in shore. gianna, how are the roads? >> getting busy. of course, we can all appreciate a chihauhau in a cute dress. that is a live look at the bay bridge. traffic stacking up. reports of a backup all the way into the maze. no accidents, no stalls, just which iscy. slower commute off the eastshore freeway, as well. westbound 80 off the carquinez bridge to the maze. san mateo bridge a good choice only 1 minutes between 880 and 101. no problems along 101. 101 out of marin also clear towards the golden gat bridge.
6:59 am
no delays into san francisco. slower speeds on southbound 880 towards hayward. northbound 880 into oakland, still a nice ride but, of course, it's bogging down to the maze. westbound 580, 27 minutes from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. >> looks like it's slowing down the busy time of the day. >> when everyone is out on the road. >> i like how you can always see sunshine if you are above the fog bank. >> yeah. so if you are here on the normal elevation as the rest of us, it looks gloomy. so hike if you want to see sunshine. >> lawrence is on the way to hawaii. he wouldn't show a picture of the chihauhau. i think it's only fair that he promises us send us a picture of him in a grass skirt. >> deal! [ laughter ] >> it might scare


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